Import a car from NZ

We all know the virtues of the Japanese car industry. Fuel efficiency, design, handling, and of course customization capability. If you want in on the best models you need to know how to import a car from Japan. Otherwise you will always be stuck with the base models and equipment packages of your local car shop. Japanese car models have the track record to prove their worth. Every car enthusiast who is worth their weight has Japanese brand vehicles. You ask, “How can I import a car from NZ?”

Chances are you already know what kind of car you want, but remember the authentic Japanese models may have features not available in you country. Getting in contact with Japanese car exporters and manufactures will be a big help. They can send you brochures and catalogs on their offerings.

When you have settled on a model and have established communication with a Japanese car exporter they will send you a form called a pro-forma invoice. This form will have to be carefully completed and signed by you, which is your agreement to buy the car. Send this completed form back to your exporter.

When paying for your car you will have to use electronic means. This includes online bank transfers or a money wiring service. Once you have paid for your vehicle or met your down payment on a monthly payment plan they will ship your vehicle.

Since your imported Japanese car can’t be put in your mail box, it is best to hire a shipping service who will have an employee to personally handle the transfer of your vehicle. The shipping service will handle all customs and tariff matters.