Great Gamepad Games

Great Gamepad Games

Android TV

The market for video games with controller assist is growing. Android TV, the Nvidia Shield Console, and different structures are putting video games with gamepad guide on the forefront and making them more famous. The proliferation of gamepads and Bluetooth controllers have made gambling games on your cell devices with a controller-less complicated than ever before. Why now not play a few bad, accurate games with it? Here are the social video games with gamepad aid for Android. Please observe that there are some older video games with super controller support like Star Wars: KOTOR and The Bard’s Tale. However, many of the ones older controller video games haven’t been updated in years, and we are the ability to guarantee that they’ll work with more modern controllers, newer versions of Android, or later devices. You can attempt those at your chance.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal is a crossover sport between the famous Bridge Constructor collection and the Portal PC franchise. The mechanics are primarily Bridge Constructor. You build bridges with numerous substances to get from one give up of the extent to the opposite. There are portals to make things less complicated (or more difficult) as well as cameos from famous characters like GLaDOS. It’s a pleasing puzzle recreation experience and one of the few with controller assist. You also get Google Play Games achievements and guide for capsules. The sport runs for $4.99 with no in-app purchases or ads. We like this one lot.

Great Gamepad Games


Crashlands is one of the high-quality games available with gamepad support. You play as an intergalactic trucker. An unfortunate collection of occasions lands you on an alien planet. You aim to craft and combat your manner off of the earth. There is also a tale line complete with a bad man. There are over 500 gadgets to craft, a self-managing inventory, and easy combat mechanics. It additionally helps cloud saving. That means you may play on a couple of devices and even on PC. It’s $4.Ninety-nine without in-app purchases. If you like the above list you may go to a football game download free.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is one of the most famous mobile video games ever. It also has an MFi controller guide. This is mostly the cell gaming model of Frogger. You circulate the bird ahead throughout roads, streams, and different barriers even as avoiding being run over through automobiles or falling inside the water. It’s pure sport with fun pictures and clean controls. It’s additionally secure for older children. This is a freemium game, but the in-app purchases are generally for added characters. This is a great one, and it supports Android TV as nicely.


Evoland is one of the unique game franchises on cellular. It would not use someone precise style or genre. Evoland 2, the modern-day game inside the collection, employs platformer, fighter, top-down shooter, trading card, and RPG mechanics. The recreation additionally changes its images up pretty a bit to in shape the style of recreation play. That makes it one of the maximum precise stories on mobile. The builders boast aid for most sorts of Bluetooth controllers in addition to Nvidia Shield guide. The first Evoland is likewise quite excellent and helps hardware controllers as nicely.

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is a retro fashion racing sport. It features almost 100 tracks together with the diffusion of motors. You additionally get Google Play Games cloud saving, automobile enhancements, as a minimum ten distinctive events, and a number of the most notable controller assist we’ve got ever visible. You can use this with Android TV, Nvidia Shield devices, MFi recreation pads, OUYA, and plenty of others. Even the soundtrack is decent. You can get the whole recreation for a scant $2.Ninety-nine. This along with Riptide GP Renegade constitute the two quality racing video games with recreation pad help.