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Pharmacist-Only drug treatments (also called Restricted drugs) are a highly small group of drugs that may be purchased from a pharmacist without a health practitioner’s prescription.

They are not available for self-selection from the drugstore shelves, and the sale should be made by using a pharmacist. When selling those drugs, pharmacists should fulfill a few unique requirements designed to make certain you are well informed approximately the secure and correct use of your remedy.


You ought to use Pharmacist-Only drug treatments handiest for the cause recommended by the pharmacist or protected inside the revealed information. Pharmacist-Only medicines have to now not be shared with different human beings.

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Only a certified pharmacist is permitted to sell a Pharmacist-Only medicinal drug. If you ask for a particular Pharmacist-Only medication, or request remedy for a situation that calls for the usage of a Pharmacist-Only medicinal drug, the income assistant will ask the pharmacist to speak to you. The pharmacist’s knowledge is needed to make sure you get the right remedy for the right circumstance and which you recognize the way to use it adequately.


What must I assume once I make a buy?

Your pharmacist will ask you some of the questions before selling you a Pharmacist-Only remedy. Don’t be embarrassed or aggravated by means of the questions. The pharmacist needs to affirm what the hassle is and suggest the right treatment, in a comparable manner to a physician prescribing a medication.


You ought to count on the pharmacist to take you to a part of the pharmacy that is non-public before asking these questions. Many pharmacies now have session rooms for this motive.


You might be asked your call and address so the pharmacist can preserve a document of the sale.


What information have to I accept?

The pharmacist needs to come up with records about the following:

  • a way to use the product
  • how regularly to apply it and for how lengthy
  • while to are looking for clinical recommendation
  • what aspect-effects, if any, can be expected and what to do approximately them
  • what medicines or other materials to keep away from while